//No Sweethearts this Valentine’s Day

No Sweethearts! Candies are not being produced for Valentine’s Day 2019 due to a company bankruptcy

 No Sweethearts this Valentine's Day. Las Vegas Bankruptcy Law Firm

No Sweethearts this Valentine’s Day!

It’s hard to imagine a Valentine’s Day without one of the holiday’s most popular candies: conversation hearts. Sweethearts, the candy hearts stamped with messages like, “I LOVE YOU,” “CALL ME,” or “LOVE BUG” will not be available this Valentine’s Day. For the first time in 153 years, the Necco company will not be selling Sweethearts Conversational hearts. Typically, the candy company turns out around 8 billion candy hearts each year.  

Operations at the Massachusetts plant that makes Sweethearts and other candy such as Necco Wafers has shut down by the owner of the company. Necco (that stands for New England Confectionery Company) is one of the the country’s oldest operating candy companies (170 years old), making  candies like Mary Jane and Squirrel Nut Zippers.

It is unknown if the candy production will resume. It has been reported that The Necco brands is being sold to another manufacturer and will close the plant located in Revere, Massachusetts. At a bankruptcy auction, a company bought Necco for 17.3 million dollars. The new owner has not been identified, and the workers did not know about the plant closure.

The Necco company went bankrupt last year. According to reports, the company who officially took over the Necco company was not able to make Sweethearts available for Valentine’s Day 2019. The company does plan, however, to make a comeback next year with the Sweethearts.   As for now, no sweethearts for this year.

Don’t Let the Valentine’s Day be a Downer

No sweethearts puts a damper on your Valentine’s day.  If you are struggling with your debt in 2019 as well, contact our Las Vegas bankruptcy office for a free debt evaluation.  Our debt relief experts can not only advise you as to the many debt relief choices available to you, we can also explain how to financially get your life back on track.